Black Sheep - Encouraging Words (1975)

“Encouraging Words” stands as a pivotal album by the Rochester rock band Black Sheep, showcasing the collaborative efforts of guitarist Don Mancuso and singer Lou Gramm. Released in 1975, the album follows the success of their self-titled debut and features tracks that blend elements of hard rock with poignant lyricism.

Mancuso and Gramm’s synergy is evident in the album’s sound, with Mancuso’s dynamic guitar work complementing Gramm’s powerful vocals. Despite not achieving the same commercial success as their debut, “Encouraging Words” remains a significant contribution to Black Sheep’s discography, capturing the essence of the band’s musical journey and the creative prowess of Mancuso and Gramm.

1. When It All Makes Sense
2. To Whom It May Concern
3. The Change
4. All I Am
5. Chain On Me
6. Encouraging Words
7. Half Way Home
8. I Don’t Need The Worry