Are your songs lacking that “certain element” to make them perfect?
Are your compositions sitting around half-finished because the guitars just aren’t sounding right?

How about this – if you had access to the perfect guitarist right now, would it change your ability to write and produce music? What if you could hire that guitarist without having to book a studio or hire out a limo?

Don has decades of experience and has mastered a variety of musical styles. Over the years, he’s honed his skills playing with music legends like Lou Gramm, Ian Gillan, Dan McCafferty, Johnny Smoke, Linda Rutherford, Jesse Hamilton, Regi Hendrix, and Billy Sheehan.

Now your song can be his next project. I’m talking about your compositions brought to life with professional guitar tracks from a legitimate legend. All thanks to the magic of the internet, you get access to a professional recording artist with a down-to-earth personality, kickass chops, and his own studio where he’ll write and record leads, rhythms, and harmonies to your specifications.

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