DDrive - 3D (2010)

DDrive began rocking the Northeast in 2004 when guitarist Don Mancuso (The Lou Gramm Band, Black Sheep, Cheater, and Celtic Fire) put together his second solo recording effort after finishing tracks for singer Phil Naro’s (Talas, Peter Criss & 24K) “Glass Mountain” project. Mancuso and Naro joined forces to write the first self-titled DDrive album. Singer Lou Gramm (The Lou Gramm Band, Foreigner, Black Sheep) heard the demos for the DDrive CD, asked if he could come in as guest vocalist/co-writer, and they obliged! Canadian producer Steve Major rounded out the direction and production.

Released in 2005, the first D Drive CD received critical acclaim and airplay in the US, Australia, and Europe. The band’s signature sound blends strong classic rock roots with a modern edge sound all its own. The first DDrive CD did so well that Mancuso and Naro decided to put together the band’s second release in 2007 entitled “Straight Up The Middle.” The new album has received accolades from a rapidly growing legion of DDrive fans, and is in its second pressing. DDrive released a video in summer ’08,

The new third CD entitled “3D” was released on June 1st 2010. 3D is a worthy follow up to “Straight Up The Middle” as the band has become even tighter over the years. 3D has great significance as well, not only as their 3rd release but the CD will be housed in a special first time ever 3D package with 3-D glasses, poster and 11 new rocking tracks.

1. Next Train
2. Dig Down featuring Billy Sheehan
3. Kiss the Ground
4. Chains On You
5. Never Had A Chance
6. Last To Fall
7. Down Deep
8. Always Done
9. 1 to 7
10. Tumblin
11. Welcome To My World

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Derric Miller – Hard Rock Haven
D Drive features one of the best singer/guitarist combos you are ever going to hear, and if Classic Hard Rock is your flavor, then you need to pick up 3D today. Tune in now to get to know this talented guitarist and band, and pick up the new album once it hits the streets…
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Verdict: 4 out of 5. Great fun album that doesn’t try to be something its not. 3D is a throwback to 80’s rock and roll but yet does not sound dated.Naro’s vocals and lots of good guitar solos by Mancuso make this CD a fine choice and a perfect accompaniment to a summer BBQ and a bucket of ice cold beer.