DDrive Holiday 3 Pack and Alyssa Traham

By: rhys babich

October 8, 2013


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DDrive is in the home stretch on mixing the the holiday 3 pack and it’s sounding great. Special thanks to Rob Sewar at United Groove Workers studio, Calvin May and all of you that are supporting the effort! Hopefully it will be out early November. Another song that I mentioned was written by Carl Conge, myself and Dave Gibson is also in the final mixing stages and will hopefully be finished in the same time frame. You can check his credits out here!! The guy is master..http://www.savannahmusicgroup.com/DaveGibson/


Next shows are coming up this month with Alyssa Trahan in Frankfort, NY. and with Revolver doing some local and private shows. You can check Alyssa’s site here http://www.alyssatrahan.com/ for more info and Revolver at http://www.originalrevolver.com/
As alwaysthanks to all for your support!