DDrive - Intermission (2013)

1. Payin’ Your Dues
2. Sink Your Teeth
3. Rock It

Phil Naro (Vocals & Guitar)
Don Mancuso (Guitars & Vocals)
David Session (Guitar)
J.T. Taylor (Bass)
Bobby Bond (Drums & Percussion)

Special Guest:
Larry Crozier (Keyboards)

Recorded by Don Mancuso and Rob Sewar at United Groove Workers Studio. Henrietta, NY.
Mixed by Don Mancuso, Rob Sewar and Calvin May.
Produced by Don Mancuso & DDrive.


Melodic Revolution Records
Intermission features three tracks “Paying Your Dues” originally recorded and released in the mid 70’s by Black Sheep which featured Don Mancuso, & Lou Gramm also “Sink Your Teeth” which is a second re-recording this one being a Talas track, Phil Naro fronted Talas in the early 80’s and the third and final track on the EP is a new original called “Rock It”.