Recorded Live June 23rd 2014 Rochester International Jazz Festival

If  you missed this legendary Rochester night, or want to relive the magic again this DVD is what you need.

This DVD is a stunning Multicamera shoot with remastered audio.

Plus you get all the tracks in MP3 format so you can take the concert with you anywhere!


Track Listing Don Mancuso Set:

  1. Blazin Glory
  2. DDBop
  3. Green Bay Reggae
  4. Help
  5. Breaking Caylee
  6. Bugs Bite
  7. I’m Free (Pat Patrone: Vocals)

Track Listing DDrive Set:

    1. Lock Lips
    2. Pray For Tomorrow
    3. Funny Pages
    4. Welcome To My World
    5. Straight Up The Middle
    6. Missing
    7. Payin Your Dues
    8. Build My Castle
    9. Down, Rotten, Dirty
    10. Next Train


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