DVD - DDrive @ Rochester Int Jazz Festival (2014)

Don Mancuso & DDrive Live @ the Rochester International Jazz Festival

This DVD reproduces the high energy Rock N Roll that DDrive brought to the Rochester International Jazz Festival on June 23rd 2014.

Track Listing Don Mancuso Set:
Blazin Glory
Green Bay Reggae
Breaking Caylee
Bugs Bite
I’m Free (Pat Patrone: Vocals)

Track Listing DDrive Set:
Lock Lips
Pray For Tomorrow
Funny Pages
Welcome To My World
Straight Up The Middle
Payin Your Dues
Build My Castle
Down, Rotten, Dirty – Next Train

Phil Naro, Pat Petrone & Don Mancuso Vocals
Don Mancuso & Dave Session Guitars
John Taylor Bass
Bobby 00 Bond Drums
Live Engineer Mike Updaw
Recording, Mixing and mastering Engineer Bill Thompson
Produced by Bill Thompson & Don Mancuso
Video production Jim Morris

Screen Shot 06-14-21 at 04.34 PM
Frank De Blase

Squeezer’s Stage was the scene for some serious, no bullshit rock guitar thanks to Don Mancuso and DDrive. As I always say: if it’s too loud, you’re not old enough. And Mr. Mancuso was gloriously loud as he divided his set between instrumental stuff from his solo LP and the boogie and drive of DDrive with Phil Naro — one of the best rock voices in the world — up front. The place was packed, the rock gods were pleased, my ears are still ringing…and I’m old enough.