Don Mancuso - No Strings Attached (2011)

A Don Mancuso releases an album of classic driving ROCK n ROLL! Recorded in NY and CA, then mastered in Toronto, this is a trip around North America in album form.

Drums – Mark Shulman
Bass – AD Zimmer
Guitar, Loops, Other – Steve Major
Bass – Dave Quick
Drums – Bobby Bond

1.1 Ddbopp
1.2 Green Bay Reggae
1.3 Help!
1.4 Bugs Bite
1.5 Cocagne
1.6 Breaking Caylee

Screen Shot 06-16-21 at 02.28 PM
Andrea R.Garrison

Don Mancuso from DDrive, the Lou Gramm Band and Black Sheep has managed to produce an award winning sound in his latest CD No Strings Attached.

I am in constant motion from the moment the CD starts with DDBopp, until it finishes with Breaking Caylee. Every single track is full of energy and joy. He thoroughly rocks it out with his Green Bay Reggae. Help is beyond description and I love the Bugs Bite track. Cocagne is expressive and special.

There is a reason that Don Mancuso gets a lot of airplay from me. It is because he is an amazing creative talent with his very own distinctive, creative, expansive rock sound which is always great…

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Tommy Williams

I’ve been giving No Strings Attached quite a few spins. The music really stands on it’s own without vocals and the addition of a singer would have only diluted these songs. DDBopp is a great opener. The song rocks! After listening to it I am confident though that I could never fairly mix a song. My ears hone in on the lead guitar and I would have cranked it up even higher in the mix at the expense of the entire song……Highly recommended to anyone that likes a new twist on great rock guitar!