Black Sheep “Black Sheep”

Black Sheep “Black Sheep”

The self titled album by the Rochester rock band Black Sheep stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of guitarist Don Mancuso and singer Lou Gramm, showcasing their formidable talents within the rock music scene.

Released during the 1970s, the album embodies the raw energy and captivating sound that defined the era’s rock music landscape, featuring tracks characterized by fiery guitar work from Mancuso and powerful vocals from Gramm .

With its hard rock essence and memorable melodies, “Black Sheep” represents a significant milestone in the musical journey of both Mancuso and Gramm, leaving an enduring legacy in the annals of Rochester’s rock history.

1. Far Side Of The Sun
2. Freight Train
3. Let Me Stay
4. Little or A Lot
5. Payin Your Dues
6. Power to Heal
7. Shauna
8. Woman
9. Woman Back Home
10. Broken Promises




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