Cheater – Ten Center Love Affair (ep)

Cheater – Ten Center Love Affair (ep)

“Ten Cent Love Affair” is an electrifying EP by the Rochester NY band Cheater, released in 1980.

This EP encapsulates the raw energy and dynamic sound of the band’s early years. Fueled by gritty guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, and soulful vocals, each track resonates with passion and intensity. With their unmistakable style, Cheater delivers a blend of rock, blues, and funk that captivates listeners from start to finish. “Ten Cent Love Affair” showcases Cheater‘s ability to craft infectious melodies and memorable hooks, leaving a lasting impression on fans of rock music. This EP remains a testament to the band’s talent and influence within the music scene of the era.

1.Back Road
3.Straight Jacket
4. Ten Cent




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