DDrive Featuring Lou Gramm

DDrive Featuring Lou Gramm

Don Mancuso’s DDrive project was put into motion upon the completion of recording tracks for Phil Naro‘s last release Glass Mountain at Wellesley Studio in Toronto Canada.

Don and long time friend Phil Naro decided to join forces with Steve Major as co-writer/producer. Once 5 of the ideas were etched out and basic tracks recorded, Don’s Friend/Ex-Foreigner/Black Sheep singer Lou Gramm was in town on break from the last Lou Gramm Band tour and gave the tunes a listen. He was so impressed at what he heard that he asked if there was any way that he could come in as a guest vocalist/co-writer.

The rest of the story is documented on this hard rocking CD. Lou and Don had written “Wait till the Sun Goes Down” during the Foreigner 4 tour and decided to put that one on as well as some great tunes written by Naro and Mancuso and a remake of the Beatles “Hey Bull Dog”. On the song “Your Never Alone” (which was written for a friend dying of cancer) extra contributions came from long time friend/producer/musician Tony Gross of GFI Studio.

The core band consists of Don Mancuso (Black Sheep, Cheater, Linda Rutherford & Celtic Fire, Lou Gramm Band) Phil Naro (Talas, Peter Cris, 24 K), Lou Gramm ( Black Sheep, Foreigner, Shadow King, Lou Gramm Band), Dave Quick (Kid Kurry Band), Joe Lana (Uncle Plum), Andy Knoll (Lou Gramm Band) and Richard Gramm (Black Sheep, Lou Gramm Band).

Other guest musicians appearing on the CD are: Jeff Cosco, Jim Crean, Jessie Hamilton, Larry Crozier and Brian Eggleston.

1 A Little Outside
2 Down,Rotten,Dirty
3 Lock Lips
4 Wait Till The Sun Goes Down
5 Can’t Dig Your Way Out
6 Why Is Everybody
7 Down U Go
8 Funny Pages
9 You’re Never Alone
10 Missing
11 Build My Castle
12 I’m Finding Out
13 Hey Bulldog




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