DDrive – Straight up the Middle

DDrive – Straight up the Middle

The album “Straight Up the Middle” by the band Ddrive, prominently features guitarist Don Mancuso’s signature style, blending hard rock riffs with melodic hooks. Notably, Lou Gramm, contributes his powerful voice to several tracks, adding depth and intensity to the album’s sound. Among the songs where Lou Gramm sings are “Straight Up The Middle” and “Sink Your Teeth,” showcasing his dynamic vocal range and emotive delivery.

“Straight Up the Middle” emerges as a standout album, resonating with fans of classic rock and showcasing the enduring talent of both musicians

Phil Naro: Vocals/Acoustic Guitar (Peter Criss(Kiss)/Talas) Don Mancuso: Guitars/Bass/Mando (Lou Gramm Band/Black Sheep) Andy Knoll: Keys(Lou Gramm Band) Joe Lana: Drums, Richard Gramm: Bass (Lou Gramm Band/Black Sheep), with special guest Lou Gramm.


1. A Little Bitta Sunshine
2. Straight Up The Middle
3. Lick Your Lips
4. Dead On The Highway
5. Pray For Tomorrow
6. Whose Side You’re On
7. Can You Dig It
8. I Don’t Wanna Wait
9. I Can Feel No Pain
10. Love Me
11. Diamond Star Halo
12. Another Funky Day





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