Jeff Cosco – Stuff From Beers/Years Ago

Jeff Cosco – Stuff From Beers/Years Ago

“Stuff From Beers/Years Ago” is an album by Rochester NY songwriter Jeff Cosco, featuring notable guitar work by Don Mancuso. Released in 2005, the album showcases Cosco’s songwriting prowess and Mancuso’s exceptional guitar skills across various tracks.

With Cosco’s soulful vocals leading the way, Mancuso’s guitar work adds depth and texture to the album, elevating each composition with his signature style. The collaboration between Cosco and Mancuso brings forth a blend of rock, blues, and soul influences, creating a captivating musical experience for listeners. “Stuff From Beers/Years Ago” stands as a testament to the musical chemistry between Cosco and Mancuso, highlighting their ability to craft memorable songs infused with heartfelt performances.

1. Call Of The Eagle 4:51
2. Gypsy 5:06
3. Princess Of Darkness 4:26
4. I’ll Keep Rollin’ 4:18
5. Rattle The Bones 3:57
6. Mary, Merry-Go-Round 4:05
7. Winds Of Love 3:32
8. JD Philosophy 2:28




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