DDrive - Straight Up the Middle (2008)

2nd Release from DDrive. Phil Naro: Vocals/Acoustic Guitar (Peter Criss(Kiss)/Talas) Don Mancuso: Guitars/Bass/Mando (Lou Gramm Band/Black Sheep) Andy Knoll: Keys(Lou Gramm Band) Joe Lana: Drums, Richard Gramm: Bass (Lou Gramm Band/Black Sheep), with special guest Lou Gramm.

1. A Little Bitta Sunshine
2. Straight Up The Middle
3. Lick Your Lips
4. Dead On The Highway
5. Pray For Tomorrow
6. Whose Side You’re On
7. Can You Dig It
8. I Don’t Wanna Wait
9. I Can Feel No Pain
10. Love Me
11. Diamond Star Halo
12. Another Funky Day

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David A.

Sometimes, rock music really stands out…it is both unique and has meaningful lyrics. D Drives’ Second CD has all the elements of a successful rock and roll production. “Straight Up the Middle” offers impressive musicianship delivered by guitarist, Don Mancuso. Don gets awesome back-up assistance from Lou Gram (Foreigner) and friends.

One of the more inspirational songs is entitled “Pray for Tomorrow.” It has a beautiful melody and great lyrics. It is one of the best songs that I have ever heard! It is a work of art!

You can listen to the music, you can listen to the lyrics or just relax and take a trip to heaven! This CD is one that you can play over and over, again. Check out “Straight Up the Middle” and you will be pleasantly surprised!